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Australian Guangxi Friendship Association Inc. is a non-profit, non denominational, non political organization. According to the laws and regulations of Australia, the AGFAI has established a charter and a clear obligation to fulfill. The association will actively support the work of the local government, the government’s policy to convey to our fellow immigrants, to help them understand and comply with the national laws and regulations, as soon as possible to adapt to the life here, and into the local community.

Another important purpose of the association is to actively promote the spirit of dedication and public welfare concept, we will integrate this idea into every member of the heart, and bring to the community, so that our living environment more harmonious and full of love.



Welcome to AGFAI澳广会欢迎你

Australian Guangxi Friendship Association Inc.

The association’s goal is to facilitate the cultural, tourism, and foster the eduction exchange and technological economic cooperation between Guangxi and Australian Capital Territory. In addition, using this platform the good projects of other provinces of China can be introduced to Australia.


2015 Board Members and Consultants

Please see more about 2015 Board Members and Consultants.
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